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Welcome to the Ku'arlu Mangga (Good Nest) website, and  online store.  Find out about what we do, how you can get involved, and how to support us. We began as part of the Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc (NOSCII) and that's why there's a few different names for us. We have been making art here for 15 years, and the original Old School community centre began as Aboriginal space in early 1990s-- 30 years ago.

Unique gifts from Original artwork at Ku'arlu Mangga  (Good Nest).

Available from our shop



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Colleen, Annette, and Mauretta at the 2019 FAC Revealed Market
Colleen, Annette, and Mauretta at the 2019 FAC Revealed Market

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Fabrics on display
Fabrics on display

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MESSAGE STICKS  and Welcome to Country, Kalbarri Zest Festival

Our Art Centre took a direct hit in Tropical Cyclone Seroja April 2021. After 4 months operating without power until October, we'd hoped to be through the building repairs by now, but like many we are learning that delays will take our start date into 2022. While we wait to reopen our little gallery and relaunch we are doing markets, which is hard going, but means you might be abel to get your on line order delivered free at our next event.  Like many, we experienced disruptions to our usual programs and events as a result of COVID-19. You can support our artists and help keep our programs running by purchasing their work online, or by making a tax deductible donation to our community initiative. A big thank you from our community and stay safe! Nov 2021

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March- April - Revealed Aboriginal Art Exhibition and

On Line Art Markets

March 25-May 23rd - Revealed Exhibition

Ku'arlu Mangga Artists have 14 new works exhibited at Fremantle Art Centre, beautifully framed, you can buy them framed or unframed. Very small editions so don't miss them!

Mon March 29 - Thurs April 1

Our first on line market!! all prices include freight, so if you are local and want to collect, email us and we'll put up an item for your specific purchase or email your order direct to sales@office.com.au

Doing on line markets means our own little on line shop has to be temporarily closed as the stock is moved to the Revealed Market.

If you see something you want or need help with on line, you can use the "contact bar" on this page to send a message, we can phone and organise if you wish,

and yes, we will do deals.


we have 3 new designs from Mauretta's paintings in stock, and all of Tahina's are available again.

They are in the Market til April 1, then in our on line shop.


We now have 8 designs on our water bottles and we've had no damage on our sales in 12 months. This is our only plastic product, because we really want to eliminate single use drink containers. Fill them up with chocolates for a special gift,

or use them for vertical storage - it makes a great set perfect in pantry and fridge as well as on a bush walk!!



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