Our Mob

Ku'arlu Mangga (Good Nest) is an emerging Aboriginal Art centre located in Northampton. We are not quite open to the public yet as 2020 has been a challenging year, and we have delayed our opening til 2021.


We operate within the Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc (NOSCII) which is a community centre for Aboriginal residents in Northampton and district. We provide all kinds of assistance in the community, with art and creative content running through all our projects. We actively seek and promote opportunities for highly visible, positive cultural expression in the community we live in and are particularly focused on youth wellbeing. We are a registered charity delivering annual appeals, emergency relief, family support and employment assistance.

What we are proud of:

  • Our art!

  • Our kids!

  • Our country!

  • Our 15th anniversary coming up next year

  • thirty years providing a base for Aboriginal people in our town


The things we are proud of in that time and the way we operate are:

  • Our youth coaches and youth employees working with seniors to mentor them.

  • Employing Aboriginal people and finding employment opportunities for many since 2006. 

  • Continuing and thriving as a regional organisation focused on delivering services to the community.

  • Increasing cultural recognition through creative projects.

  • Bringing people together through an Aboriginal community centre since the Shire invested in the process in 1991, operating autonomously as NOSCII since 2006.

  • Helping to reduce juvenile crime through creative programs that offer strong identity and cultural outcomes for young people.

  • Helping our kids start school earlier, stay on at school longer and go on further. ​

  • Developing artist pathways through skills development, innovative programs and participation in external events.

  • Providing advocacy for local families in areas such as housing and health.  

About us

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IMG_2562 -Mauretta Drage the team
IMG_2562 -Mauretta Drage the team