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We are fund raising for three programs: Our heritage buildings and amphitheater, our youth program, and Ku’arlu Mangga - our Art Centre to be. NOSCII is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible.


Building Fund

Calling all past students! Get ready for the 100th birthday party!

NOSCII receives no core funding for repairs and maintenance. We have a large and beautiful site with special views, provided by the Shire of Northampton on a peppercorn lease. We raise funds to maintain the site and are raising funds for major renovations in time for the 100th birthday of the little brick building  in 2020. We have contributed $5,000 from our saved earnings, the Shire has contributed $5,000 and we have a $140,000 to go. We try to match every $ we raise through grants, but this is a project where every dollar will count and raising the money ourselves, means every dollar will go into the buildings without the admin overhead of applying for grants all the time.


If you are a past student you can help us maintain the site and preserve it for the future by contributing to our substantial maintenance undertakings. All donations are recorded, receipted and reported in our annual report.


Youth Fund


Cash donations to the youth fund help us achieve matched funding, but most importantly they help us reach more children, more often with support for school needs and school holiday activities. Our kids favourite school holiday request is going to the beach, and going to the river. An outing for twelve kids requires a bus drive, supervisor, fuel, food and sometimes and activity. The ultimate is a cultural camp in Shark Bay. Tighter funding means  the emphasis is on school outcomes and the camps and the outdoor activities for boys and young men such as pulling the net, canoeing, bushwalking on country have been harder to fund. $2000 runs a 2 day campout for up to 10 youth, $500 takes a bus load to the beach with food and supervised care. Your donations give lasting memories.


Ku’arlu Mangga (Good Nest)

The Ku’arlu Art team dream of a dedicated Art Centre on site, with storage for our artwork, gallery space for sales (we can only do online sales at present) and a keeping place for the special art work and installations that have accumulated over the last two decades through the many community arts projects we have run. It is important to be able to show the work and conserve it for future generations. This includes innovative textiles projects and the much loved Message Sticks Installation. Right now we are raising funds to invest in our social enterprise producing fabrics from the artists' designs. Our first collection taken to Revealed 2018 was really well received. Ku’arlu Mangga gives people a safe space to come together and share their stories and create the art work they want to share. It also provides a pathway to small independent income streams for many people who face significant barriers to full time employment.


Coming Soon

Electronic Banking

Our donations account details are as follows:

Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc.

BSB: 086886

ACC: 486280881

*Please include your details for tax receipt to be issued and nominate which fund you would like to donate to. 



Please make all cheque donations payable to Northampton Old School Community Initiative Inc and post to: P.O. Box 286, Northampton, WA, 6535

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