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Banksia's Ochre on Red - 28_edited.jpg

Resilient Little Banksia

The story 

The Story of Resilient little banksia

Resilient Little Banksias: when I returned home in 2022 for the first time after Cyclone Seroja in April 2021, there were many scars in Mooniemia and on the landscape. It was very confronting. Then coming over the crest to the view of the cliffs in Kalbarri National Park, was a splash of surging yellow banksias. On each tree was new blossom, bud, old blossom, seed pods and burnt cones from fires. This inspired my colourways for these prints. Each print has been through the press twice. They celebrate resilience and hope as our communities continue to work towards recovery and our centre is able to fully open again

Ochre over burnt umber

ocre over burnt umber_edited.jpg

Orange over burnt umber

orange over burnt umber_edited.jpg

Ochre over brown

ocre over brown_edited.jpg

Ochre over green kaki

ocreover green_edited.jpg

Ocher over green

Ocre over green_edited.jpg

Ochre over burnt orange

ocre over burnt orange_edited.jpg
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